Our products - Cyborg sIMULATION ENGINE

CYBORG physics based simulation engine offers an impressive array of cutting edge simulation technologies at reasonable cost.



CYBORG Game-Engine capabilities include:


Photo realistic databases in both round and flat earth projections

Deformable terrain / models

Accurate Celestial model

Dynamic shadows

Realistic 3D Sea States with user customizable mesh

Synchronized multiple OTW windows @ 60 Hz minimum

Embedded Physics Engine

Particle Based Special Effects

Physics based sensors

Embedded attachable sounds

Scripting interface

Embedded DIS module

Full Motion Video for streaming / recording, including KLV data

Support for OpenFlight, Terrapage and Unity files

Weather Effects (including thunderstorm cells with lightning)

Full vegetation system including blowing trees and grass

Full Animation System

Fully integrated with LIFE AI content


Cloth Physics Cyborg® Shadows PC-IG Demonstration
Wind / Cloth and Smoke

Lighting and Shadows

Real Time Terrain / Model Deformation Convoy Demo with IED detonation in Nowzad Afghanistan

           Real-Time Deformations

        Convoy with  IED detonation

Cyborg® PC-IG Features Cyborg® PC-IG Features
Sea States Environmental Effects