Our products - Dirtmover database Production Tools

The DirtMover Suite Advantage

DirtMover is a low cost database production suite of tools. It has a simple to use and easy to learn interface for both Programmers & Artists, while having a familiar feel for users more accustomed to the gaming industry.



DirtMover Key Component Capabilities


DM-World Designer

Non-destructive addition of content to any existing OpenFlight database

Add classified content to any existing OpenFlight database in a secure setting

Quickly and easily add cultural features, 3D objects, roads, and vegetation

Rapidly prototype models in a scene

Create visually distinct databases using the same terrain model

Project layer data is stored in small easily transferred files for ease of distribution

Ability to design different project simultaneously with multiple users


DM-Terrain Factory

Rapidly generate base terrains for projects

Quickly and easily revamp existing DM-Terrain Factory terrains

Update project DTED independently of the imagery

Update project imagery

Export completed terrain to DM-World Designer or other OpenFlight modeling programs