Our products - hero-fps

Hero-FPS (First Person Shooter) enables the user to become a first-person simulator operating in stand-alone (self-contained) or networked (distributed) exercise modes to support a variety of research and development, hardware-in-the-loop testing, and individual / team training requirements. 


Hero-FPS provides a robust, stand-alone environment that includes dynamic scripted friendly and enemy flight / ground / sea-based combatants interacting on high-fidelity terrains (OpenFlight, Paging OpenFlight, TerraPage, or GeoSource-RTB) with highly-realistic visual / sensor scenes provided by SDS’ CYBORG Game-Engine. 





In addition, multiple Hero-FPSs can be networked together to enhance scenario realism and aid team-training activities.


Scenarios can include:


Day, night and sensor  (NVG/IR) aided operations
Virtual and constructive humans, aircraft and vehicles
Realistic weather/special effects, variable time-of-day/wind effects, moving-trees / grass
Real-time damaging of 3D MOUT buildings and directional terrain cratering
Employment of a variety of weapons (using physics-based ballistic models), chem-sticks, lights, etc.
Situational awareness through the informational HUD and compass shown on the out-the-window display
Laser designation and built-in DIS radio communications
Use of Cursor on Target (CoT) messaging formats to interface with operational man-portable/worn equipment
An optional Software Developers Kit (SDK) that provides developers with the C++ elements needed to create custom extensions to the simulation

Hero-FPS also provides the capability to observe, interact with, or assume the position of virtually any entity in a Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) exercise. 


As such, Hero-FPS can function as an individual (independent) player or provide both the appropriate views (visual, NVG, and IR) and firing capabilities associated with virtually any weapon / position on / within a specified DIS entity in the scenario. 


Hero-FPS, which provides First-Person-Shooter Role-Player capabilities for use in R&D, T&E, and Training applications where affordability, flexibility and quality matter.


Hero-FPS is in use today at the US Army Natick Soldier Research Development and Engineering Center (NSRDEC), Natick MA, supporting the Soldier Domain Systems environment.