Our products - IFACT

Indirect Fire-Forward Air Control Trainer

World’s First Commercially Available Terminal Attack Control System


Laptop-based LiteFlite® simulators serve as the virtual "pilot-in-the- loop" component on all Meggitt Training Systems / SDS Indirect Fire- Forward Air Control Trainer (I-FACT) systems in use today by USAF, USA, USMC, SOCOM forces and a number of foreign militaries, with over 130 systems fielded to date.


- Provides Multiple Configurations to Support Classroom and Deployed Training
Portable Laptop and PC-Based Versions

- Can be Enhanced with Large Screen Projection and Helmet Mounted Displays













- Accommodates use of Actual Laser Range Find / Marking Systems

- Provides Realistic Databases, Environmental, and Special Effects

- Supports Joint Forward Air Control Training Objectives