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What is LIFE?

LIFE describes what has often been missing from realistic simulation training….the appearance that a scene is “alive” with friendly forces, enemy forces, non-combatants, cars, trucks, and animals. Recognizing this deficiency, SDS developed its LIFE-based Scene Content capability to add the Artificially-Intelligent (AI) driven content required to support effective Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) and weapons delivery training in virtually any urban or open-terrain environment.


LIFE content in Nowzad Afghanistan


LIFE-based Scene Content allows customers to experience realistic virtual-worlds, “alive” with content, while executing scenario-based training using SDS’ extensive simulation products . No longer are crews forced to scan a barren landscape dotted with minimal amounts of entities. Instead they are immersed in a virtual environment teeming with activity that replicates the real world. Whether it’s insurgents emplacing IEDs, children playing soccer or following a vehicle through a traffic jam in a major
city, LIFE provides the means to create challenging environments for training crew members involved in ISR or search and destroy missions.

Close Air Support Bombing a Horde of Zombies Afghan Database - Cyborg® LIFE Demonstration

Horde of Zombies

Afghan Compound



Special Effects (predictable, random, reactive)
Fixed-Location (static) ground-based entities
Dynamic (moving and articulated) air, land, sea based entities
Scripted and AI entities
Entity reaction to instructor or trainee input
AI behaviors, collision detection, path change,

speed change, heterogeneous actions
Multiple “AI-Areas”

Partially active AI Groups
Path guided AI entities
Triggered behaviors and behavior changes
Event triggers based on range, time or activities
Triggers may initiate onset of the scenario, specific actions or reactions
Looping capability within the scenario