Our products - Spectator (NEXWARS)

Spectator (NEXWARS) includes advanced stealth features for direct connection to a variety of simulation hosts (including SDS’ LiteFlite® Reconfigurable Simulator and ROVATTS UVS Simulators) through HLA / DIS networks and operational interfaces such as OTH-Gold. 


Spectator includes selectable attachments to entities and objects with multiple presets and moving camera options per object type (orbit-view, wingman-view, etc).  Additionally, Spectator has easy to use GUI, mouse and joystick controls that enable rapid mastery of the stealth by users.


Since Spectator’s core technology rests on SDS’ full-featured AAcuity® PC-IG software, it ensures users are immersed in the realism needed to train effectively.  Additionally, the software facilitates recording and playback of movies using third-party recording software, for a variety of applications.  These include commander’s intent movies that provide a virtual walk-through of the battlefield complete with verbal comments and instructions; after-action-review debriefings and / or take-home packages that provide rehearsal or learning events from instructor selected views; and multiple-playbacks from selected multiple-views that provide planned or recorded events from blue, red, and birds-eye perspectives.


One of the Spectator C4I (NEXWARS) options enables direct integration with USA / USMC C2PC providing 3D terrain, plus semi-transparent 3D objects for control measures, phase lines and the C2PC control measures library, plus 2525B icons attached to entities.  Graphics drawn and units placed in the operational 2-Dimensional C2PC plan-view also appear 3-Dimensionally within Spectator. 

Spectator’s semi-transparent 3D object features enable normally invisible phenomena to be visualized, such as, indirect fire trajectories as real-time arcs, direct fire weapons as lines and ribbons, missiles with icon attachments, laser designator paths as 3D lines, and weapon kill zones as 3D ovals or cylinders.  Advanced HLA / DIS Stealth features support operational 3D viewer requirements.


Spectator features an extremely easy-to-use GUI for augmenting training systems software and operational C4I software with simultaneous 3D views to enhance situational awareness during planning, briefing, monitoring, and after-action-review/debrief.  Utilization within distributed HLA / DIS training / mission-rehearsal systems and / or operational planning systems provides end-to-end training-rehearsal-operational applications support.



Spectator UI

Spectator UI