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ROVATTS (Remotely Operated Vehicle Adaptable Training/Tracking Systems) --- The ROVATTS approach provides a low-cost, PC-based simulation capability with a robust, reconfigurable architecture that allows the development of virtually any (air, ground or sea-based) UVS simulator for R&D, T&E, and Training/Mission Rehearsal applications whether stand-alone or distributed.


The ROVATTS architecture, which is based upon SDS’ proven Liteflite® Reconfigurable Simulators, has a core that supports DIS/HLA networking including built-in DIS communications, and control and interface with a variety of plug-ins. These plug-ins include, but are not limited to, robust OTW visuals and cameras/sensors provided by SDS’ CYBORG Game-Engine, plus avionics, engines, instruments, weapons, vehicle dynamics and complete-vehicle plug-ins.  Furthermore, ROVATTS’ modular architecture supports upgrades to specific components/ plug-ins (vehicle dynamics, weapons, head-up-displays (HUD), instruments, etc.) without compromising its core capabilities.


The ROVATTS architecture supports use of consumer-level COTS PCs or laptops, and virtually any type of display including monitors, flat-panels, embedded flat-panels, projected displays (curved or flat) and helmet-mounted-displays (HMD).



ROVATTS Architecture


ROVATTS Simulator Architecture



ROVATTS provides complete environmental integration including highly-realistic visual scenes, selectable winds, turbulence and wind buffeting effects, and offers the user unparalleled control over the run time simulation environment. Through an integrated visual basic scripting interface, system malfunctions and special effects (such as marker smoke, wind, fog and other environmental effects) may be introduced based on mission time and/or waypoint crossing information. In addition, ROVATTS offers the user an ability to collect performance data, compare data to a known standard and view selectable scoring parameters in tabular or graphical form.


ROVATTS includes robust mission planning, Instructor Operator Station (IOS) and After-Action-Review (AAR) capabilities (including recording/playback of networked activities); limited PFPS/FalconView connectivity; moving map displays; visual sign-posting of entities/locations; application of Semi-Transparent-Meta-Knowledge 3D constructs (threat domes, no-fly areas, area boundaries, etc); monitoring by 3D stealth viewers (SDS’ Spectator/NEXWARS and others); and the ability to collect, compare and view certain scoring parameters in tabular or graphical form.


ROVATTS also provides selectable (by type) air-to-air computer generated forces, other friendly aircraft orbits and scripted vehicle activity (friendly and enemy) to facilitate scenario development/training task requirements for stand-alone applications. And, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) versions of ROVATTS also include both manual and autopilot operations for the ownship, and complete environmental integration into the simulation including turbulence and wind buffeting effects. Furthermore, all ROVATTS simulators can be easily networked with other ROVATTS, LiteFlite® or Hero-FPS simulators, other high-fidelity simulators, and/or computer generated forces (CGF), such as MODSAF/JSAF/OneSAF, to facilitate distributed training. They can also be combined with other test-bed components to provide man-in-the-loop capabilities for R&D or T&E applications. 


ROVATTS provides a flexible, cost-effective approach to providing a family of UVS simulators for varying stand-alone or distributed Training, Mission Rehearsal, R&D and T&E applications. Using SDS developed or third-party plug-ins, ROVATTS simulators can include a variety of UASs, Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV), Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV) and Underwater Unmanned Vehicles (UUV). And, with the inclusion of SDS GeoSource-RTB rapid terrain generation capabilities, ROVATTS simulators can provide anytime/anywhere geo-specific training and mission rehearsal in both stand-alone and distributed environments. 


ROVATTS products can be delivered as easy-to-use turnkey systems with hardware configurations and software drivers tuned for optimal performance, or as software only systems for integration with customer’s existing or newly purchased hardware. Because of its flexibility and adaptability, ROVATTS can provide complete UVS simulations (vehicles, sensors, weapons, displays, control inputs, etc.) or it can support sensor operator training using actual sensor-operator controls, GUIs, etc., by providing the entire virtual component (including vehicle operations, visual/sensor simulations, environmental simulations, scripted entities, accurate terrains, etc.) integrated with the actual sensor-system controls/GUIs/etc used in the real system.


ROVATTS Software Developer’s Kit (SDK)


ROVATTS extensible, plug-in architecture readily supports use of the ROVATTS SDK; an optional component providing developers with the C++ elements needed to create custom extensions to the simulation. This SDK provides developers with object-oriented, direct access to ROVATTS simulation primitives and its DIS/HLA integration, as well as, the rich visual system provided by the CYBORG Game-Engine. With this optional SDK, developers can develop custom vehicle dynamics models, panel instruments, weapons or sensor systems for ROVATTS. In addition, they can integrate other existing (third-party) simulation codes (aero, weapons, sensors, etc.) and leverage advantages already resident within ROVATTS such as DIS/HLA connectivity and high-fidelity visuals.