Our products - ROVATTS MQ-1 Simulator

ROVATTS-Based MQ-1 Simulator


The first fielded UAS version of ROVATTS provides a low-cost, flexible, PC-based (using COTS laptop or desktop computers) MQ-1 Simulator with pilot/sensor operator simulation capability. The system, originally developed specifically for human factors R&D by the USAF Medical Service to assess unique stresses associated with Remotely Piloted Vehicle operations, has direct application to R&D, T&E, and evolving UAS training programs within US military, Border Patrol and foreign militaries.


ROVATTS-MQ-1 Simulators provide critical pilot station functionalities, high-fidelity aero, realistic HUDs (Pilot and Sensor Operator) and Status/Command head-down-displays (HDD) including Variable Information Tables (VIT), Tracker (map) displays, normal and emergency procedure functionality, record/playback and data-capture/analysis capabilities, and weapons employment (AGM-114 Hellfire missile) capabilities. They also include Day-TV, IR and spotter Pod views with realistic FOV, magnification, gain, contrast, etc; manual flight, autopilot and GPS approach capability; autopilot circular and figure-8 loiter patterns; HMD and eye-tracker capability; and laser capabilities. Additionally, ROVATTS-MQ-1 Simulators include high-fidelity visual/IR scenes with weather, special effects and time-of-day, plus the ability to utilize OpenFlight, Paging OpenFlight, Terrapage, and GeoSource-RTB databases.








ROVATTS-MQ-1 Simulators can be delivered in a number of hardware configurations including COTS Laptop versions for portability or COTS PC-based Tabletop versions both of which preserve system functionality through use of the same high-fidelity software. Because of their modular/adaptable architecture, high-fidelity visual/sensor capabilities provided by SDS’ CYBORG Game-Engine, DIS/HLA capabilities and use of low-cost COTS computers, ROVATTS-MQ-1 Simulators have cost-effective R&D, T&E, Training and Mission Rehearsal applications associated with virtually any mission.