Our products - Real-World Databases

Real-World Databases are PC-focused and OpenFlight / TerraPage compatible.  Available baseline products include geo-typical and geo-specific visual / sensor databases and fully-correlated CTDB for SAF environments. 


Geo-specific databases include aerial and satellite imagery (including high-resolution, 1-meter per-pixel or better) mapped onto real-world elevation data plus high-fidelity 3D models -- airfields (with selectable/adjustable lighting) buildings, cultural lighting, MOUT buildings, waypoint features, trees, power lines, etc.  Furthermore, additional cultural features and realistic 2D and 3D water with reflections can be included.








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Lochiel, Arizona

Grand Forks AFB, North Dakota

Eglin A77 Range, Florida

Nowzad, Afghanistan

Baghdad, Iraq

Fort Sill, Oklahoma