Our products - Real-World Models

Real-World Visual Models set a new standard in realism and functionality for virtual training environments.  Available baseline products include a variety of realistically photo-textured, multiple level-of-detail vehicles for air, space, land and maritime-based applications. 


All models are OpenFlight compatible and optimized for efficient real-time performance on multiple hardware platforms for out-the-window and sensor channels. 


Model library includes flight (F-22, F-16, F-15, F-18, KC-10, A-10, C-130, SH-60, MiGs, Rafale, air-to-air and air-to-grounds weapons), ground vehicles (tanks, trucks, cars, surface-to-air weapons), ships (carriers, hovercraft, landing craft, boats), humans, and 3D buildings (including Baghdad MOUT).


All flight, space, land and sea-based models can include articulated / animated control surfaces / weapons and cockpit details.  


Our library can be used to replace existing visual models on legacy-simulators or be integrated with new high-fidelity, OpenFlight compatible simulators.  We can also modify existing models and / or build models to suit custom requests for items not found in our current inventory.  Models can be provided as a package or individually.






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